World Departed: The Soundtrack

Here we are again. A book! A soundtrack!
This soundtrack was more fun than usual because I got to include music from my youth onward, both in the actual story and here. Yeah, I’m old, and so are some of the main characters, which means that you get a very random sampling of music from all over the place.

Here’s the link to the Spotify playlist, though one song isn’t on it because that song can only be found on YouTube. So check out the instrumental version of “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” down below. I think you’ll like it. You should listen to the original, too. You’re gonna have to like The Smiths if we’re going to get along, so go find your inner angsty teenager, kick back, and cue up some Morrissey. I’d suggest Louder than Bombs, The Queen is Dead, or The Smiths to start.

Link to SPOTIFY playlist:

So, here we go.

Chapter 12 “Apocalypse Please” Muse
This song fit the chaotic scene. Plus, it seemed like a good song for two indie-rock radio DJs to play in the midst of the zompoc.


Chapter 13: “I Know it’s Over” The Smiths
Much like Craig, this song holds many memories for me from long ago. My God, it’s maudlin, but it makes me so freaking happy.


Chapter 21: “Waiting For the World to End” Mother Mother
Craig, just sittin’ on the balcony.


Chapter 34: “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” The Smiths
(instrumental version by La Thang)
How many nights did we hang out drinking 40s of beer and being angsty teens who lived and died by this song? Oh! Hi Mom and Dad, I forgot you read my blog. The answer to that question is zero. Zero nights.


Chapter 35: “Wave of Mutilation” The Pixies
Who doesn’t like The Pixies? Only weirdos. Much like Rose, I know I’ll have this song stuck in my head all. the. time. in the zombie apocalypse. How could you not?


Chapters 28 – thirty-something: “Bulletproof … I Wish I Was” Radiohead
This is a song for Craig. Early Craig, who needs to find a little more faith in himself. Because I, for one, think he’s pretty awesome.


Chapter 41: “Do You Really Wanna Know” Papercuts
I just don’t know right now if I love you… Yeah, this song fits.


Chapter 50: “Here” Alessia Cara
If you want to understand how Rose feels at 96.3% of social engagements — and, apparently, at a Safe Zone with 500 people — listen to this song.
I can relate. As can the awesome friend who sent me this song years ago.


Chapter 57: “All of Me” Billie Holiday
Sitting in the Model-T.
Lady Day. What is there to say, except that she was amazing.


Chapter 57: “Enola Gay” Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Wouldn’t it be nice if all we had to worry about these days was the Cold War?


Chapter 57: “Your Love” The Outfield
From Rose’s ’80’s playlist. I still love this song.


Chapter 61: “Mr. Brightside” The Killers
We all know this song. Yeah, my KIDS know this song. I can see you rolling your eyes, you know. But we were driving in the car one day, and this fit the scene I had in mind. As stories (at least mine) are wont to do, the scene changed somewhat, as did things prior to that scene. But I still like it, so I’m leaving it in. Mainly because someone is pretty jealous of someone else. 😉 And, dang it, this song is catchy.


Final chapter: “Weaker Girl” Banks
This song, y’all. *happy sigh*
A friend sent it to me a while ago, and I felt as though the heavens had told her to send it my way. It perfectly summed up everything about a character’s journey in this book, and I knew right away it was the final song. It fits this scene like a motherf*cking glove. I LOVE it. If you’ve ever had to find your inner strength and finally stand up for yourself, I think you will, too.
Warning: This song is full of a certain curse word, so if you don’t like cursing, then consider yourself warned. Also, um, if you don’t like cursing, why the f*ck are you reading my books? Haha, I kid. Sort of. Seriously, thank you for putting up with me. I guess you can take the girl out of NYC, but you can’t clean out her filthy NYC potty mouth.


Until next time, happy listening! ❤

One thought on “World Departed: The Soundtrack

  1. Great tunes! You’d fit right in with my small group of friends. Loving the new book. About 5 hours left of the audio. Still Doing my best to not binge it and make it last. 🥰

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