34 thoughts on “Peripeteia is here!

  1. Hi There,

    Ok, so I am up to the part in Peripeteia where [redacted by Sarah to remove spoiler]. I am a big Walking Dead fan and this book is causing as much emotion in me as when I watch favourites be killed off. So your book has been put on hold for a week now because the thought of losing anyone especially Eric and Sylvie is actually unbearable and I am not brave enough or emotionally stable enough to go there. You are an awesome writer and I am aware our ability to see Eric and Sylvies thought process helps to connect to them but if they ever made these books into movies I would be the first one to buy a ticket. Bravo. These go onto my favourite book list. Cassie, Eric and family will be re-read and re-processed. They already feel like family

    • Hi Natascha!

      So, you can see I removed the spoiler but left the rest of your comment up. I’m sorry to be causing you so much stress, but I am happy that you like the characters enough that it causes you stress. A double-edged sword for you, perhaps, but ultimately what every writer wants. 🙂

      Thank you for the lovely words! And I’d love some movies. If only Hollywood would call… *taps fingers*
      I hope you can get back to the book soon, if you haven’t already. Remember, no matter how bad it gets, I always try to put some hope in there. ❤


      • Hi Again,

        So I braved reading the last chapters. I will admit there were some tears but it was beautifully written. I have gone back and read Cassies story line and will admit that Eric and Sylvie’s relationship I have enjoyed watching develop the most. In saying that, it is probably hard to hear that as you have put your heart into all the books you’ve written and all the stories have been sooooo good.

        Thankyou so much. 2018 is so far away for the next book.

        Very much looking forward to it.


      • I’m glad you made it through! And thank you!

        As for enjoying one series more than the other, I don’t take offense. People are bound to like one a bit more. However, I enjoy hearing that people like the second series as much–or even better–just because it’s nerve-wracking to follow up one series with another. Plus, Eric and Sylvie are so much fun to write.
        Either way–it’s all good. 🙂

        Thank you for letting me know you finished, and for the lovely compliments! ❤

  2. I anxiously waiting for the audio format…I love love this your zombie apocalypse series they best zombie stories written ever !!! You are truly blessed with the talent of writing and more I’m sure. ❤

    • Hi Matt!

      Therese and Luke will narrate again, and I know they were just in the studio. 🙂 Usually, it’s about three months, so I’m thinking it will be toward the end of October. I’ll post the pre-order link on Facebook and such as soon as I get it from Audible Studios.
      I’m sorry for the torture! 😉


      • Oh how awesome! I’m so glad the narrator’s will be back. I’m so excited! I’ve been reading the reviews on Amazon and it’s amazing that like 95% of them give Peripeteia 5 stars. You are one of my favorite authors and I’m happy that people are finding out just how good you are.
        Thank you for the response & info!

      • Aw, thank you! Well, you’re one of my favorite readers–I recognize you from Facebook. 🙂
        I know, it’s lovely of them all to review (and leave nice ones, too, haha).
        I’m excited you’re excited–I hope you like the next chapter in the city folks’ story!

  3. OMG!! I love this book. I have read it at least 3 times in the last two months. Every time it makes me laugh and cry. I am already formulating in my head how I hope it will end, or at least the characters I hope will make it to the end.
    I am currently re-read the UTEOTW books, and picturing where Erik is, every step of Cassie’s journey.
    Thank you for bringing this amazing story into my life.I can not wait for the next book!

    • Thank you, Ashley! Three times already? Now that’s a compliment. 🙂
      And now you’ve gone back to the first–it’s been fun for me to line up what they’re doing along the way, too. Of course, I had to, but I enjoyed it!
      Thank YOU so much for writing to let me know. I’m hard at work on book three! ❤

  4. Why Why WHY do I have to wait so long for the next book? Now what am I going to do? I am LUGUBRIOUS to have to find something else to read until next year! (I’ve already read your other books)

    • I know–it’ll be a while, but I promise I’ll write as fast as I can. It should be another long one, so that might make up for the wait a little.
      Haha, I was just debating between using the word lugubrious or woebegone the other day. You read my mind! 😉


  5. I’m an avid absorber of all things apocalyptic, zombie, etc. I live in Bayridge, 2 blocks from the monastery. (by the little triangle park on 4th ave/ 95th st) Being able to read a book that I literally know every place mentioned is a really cool component to this adventure. Also, really exciting, interesting, engaging and well written. I LOVE THIS BOOK SERIES! I am eagerly awaiting the next book….

    • Hi Wendy! How cool that you’re over there! And cool that you live so close to one of the best places in Brooklyn for the zompoc. I hope your zompoc plan includes that really tall wall, haha. I grew up in Brooklyn, as you may know, and I spent a lot of time over on Shore Road, up to no good. And, as Eric says in book one, we used to sneak into the golf course for illegal bonfires. 🙂
      I love that it made the books better for you–it does for me writing them as well. And I’m also glad that you love them in general, too. ❤
      Thank you!
      I'm working away on the next one, and it makes me so happy to know people are waiting. (I'll do my best to speed it up!)


      • Funny you mention a zompoc contingency plan- the monestary was always my #1 stop! I couldn’t stop laughing when I read it in your book! Also, embarking on a freighter and busting into All the stores along the water near Bay Parkway and near the Red Hook….. anyway, I await your next installment in the series and I also absolutely enjoyed the End of the World series, which found me to Perepetia…. yay Sarah! Keep enthralling us and thanks again. You are a star above the rest. Cheers!

      • I love that! How could that place not be in your plan, right? If I happen to be in town visiting family when it all begins, I’ll meet you there and we’ll loot the Brooklyn shore. 😉
        I’m so glad you enjoyed both series. Thank you for your kind words!


  6. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, what can I say, there should be a warning put on the front of your books, stating that they can cause emotional stress. I’m hooked, your books had me riding on an emotional roller coaster that I couldn’t and didn’t want to get off. I lived every moment on the edge, living and breathing the life of the characters. I felt so emotional connected that after finishing Peripeteia I was in mourning. I was devastated that I have to wait for the next book, (have you written it yet). I love books that draw me in and every inch of your books did. Well done your a superb author, but hurry up I’m ready for my next roller coaster ride.

    • Hi Paula,

      Thank you! Of course, that’s what every author loves to hear, and I’m no exception! ❤ I feel so close to my characters–I laugh and cry along with them–and it's a wonderful compliment that you felt connected, too.

      I'm working on the next book now, and I'll have it out sometime in the summer. Thank you for coming along on the ride with me. I so appreciate it! 🙂


  7. Sarah,
    Great books! My commute is the quiet time I get, so I fill it with audio books. I have listened to the End of the World series and the City series. Love them! Since I do mostly audio books, I tend to follow actors, Julia Whelan brought me to you. Do you get an input on casting? I have to say, Therese Plummer is such a great choice (Julia Whelan too, but there is something special about Sylvie). She did such a great job communicating Sylvie’s insecurity and strength. I’m sure it is easy to do with such great writing and characters to work with. Just want to thank you for the stories and I can’t wait for the next one.

    • Hi Tex,

      Thank you! ❤ I'm so glad to hear you like the books and the narration. I'd take the credit for the casting, but I don't get much say in the matter. I was able to veto a prospective narrator and approve another, but because I sign over the audio rights, I don't have any say in how the books are produced or how the characters are interpreted. Thankfully, I've lucked out in that department!

      I'm hard at work on the next one, and I hope you enjoy it, too. (It's shaping up to be another long one!)
      Thank you for writing!


  8. I have to say – you just put me through the emotional wringer. My aunt introduced me to your first book, UTEOTW, April 28 and I just binge read/listened to all the books in both series, finishing up last night! Both series are amazing – such depth and thought for the stories made me feel I was in the world with the characters. I was so emotionally connected and it’s wonderful to find an author like you who can draw in the reader to such a degree!

    I’m both glad and frustrated that I have to wait even a day more for the next book! I’m looking forward to getting some sleep again but I can’t wait to join Eric and Sylvie’s journey once more! At the end of the last book, my brother was highly entertained by my “emotional rollercoaster of texts” I sent him which can only be summed up as 🤬😭😈. Thank you so much for taking the time to put your imagination on paper (or… digital space) to share these great characters with us all!

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thank you so much! And, wow, you read them all fast!
      Nothing makes me happier than to hear that a reader feels like they’re in the world and emotionally invested. I spend half my life “living” in those worlds (which I love) and doing my best to bring them to you, that it’s the best compliment when you say you joined me in there. ❤
      Man, writing is the best job, even when it makes me want to tear my hair out! 🙂

      I think your emojis are the perfect response to Peripeteia! 😛 I'm hard at work on Instauration (book three) and will have it out as soon as possible. It looks like September, the latest, as it's another long one.

      Thank YOU for taking the time to let me know how the books touched you, and for saying such lovely things. I really do appreciate it. It makes my day!


    • Hi Janel,
      I’m so glad to hear you love it–thank you! ❤
      It's looking like closer to September for a release. It's the longest book I've ever written, and it'll take a while to edit and proofread. But I promise I'm working as fast as I can!

  9. I LOVED both of the series, until the end of the world and the city series!! I would love a 3rd City book where Eric and Cassie knew each other was alive!!

    • Hi Katie,

      Thank you! ❤ The third City book is coming in the next few months, though I won't give you any spoilers re: Eric and Cassie finding out the other is alive. A reunion is the number one request I get these days! 😉


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