Mordacious: The Soundtrack

As usual, I have some songs for this book. Not as many as with my other books because someone (*cough* Eric *cough*) demanded his own adventures, and some of my originally-planned scenes and their songs became part of book two. But, after hearing what he had to say, I think it was worth it. And just think of all the lovely songs you’ll get next time.

So, here we go (And, as before, these artists are not affiliated with me in any way and may be horrified that I’ve chosen to co-opt their works for my stories. Sorry, folks!). I tried to be as spoiler-free as possible:


This works in a few scenes, both in this book and the next, but, really, this song is  just Sylvie.
“Hold On, Hold On” Neko Case.



The hospital roof. “A genocide. A populicide.”
“This Bright Flash” M83



A backyard in Philly.
“Street Spirit (Fade Out)” Radiohead (Of course there’s a Radiohead song. There always is.)



Eric on his way home.
“Clinically Dead” Chad Vangaalen



“Anyone who makes a joke on his deathbed deserves to live.”
You might think this song is weird at first. I forgive you. But listen to it again and you’ll hear. You’ll hear. And, if that’s not enough to convince you, I couldn’t have said it better myself:
With patience, you could piece together a playlist that chronologically represents everything that’s ever happened to you– birthdays and funerals, weddings and break-ups, workdays and trips abroad, all of it. Or you could simply cut to the chase and put on “Hope There’s Someone”, where we experience the fullness of a lifespan in a few overpowering minutes.
-Brian Howe, Pitchfork

“Hope there’s Someone” Antony and the Johnsons.



Sylvie and Grace. “New York has become a city of whispers and groans.”
“The Penalty” Beirut.



Vale of Cashmere. “I miss that girl.”
Remember how terrible (and amazing) and awful (and wonderful) and tedious (and freeing) it was to be a teenager? Even with all of that, sometimes we miss it.
“Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl” Broken Social Scene



Sylvie. Last chapter. The lyrics of this song. The end of this song. This song. Perfect.
“Wake” The Antlers.

8 thoughts on “Mordacious: The Soundtrack

  1. Sarah, I wanted to tell you how much I love that you do this on your blog. Every time I read one of your books and you have a soundtrack out I make sure I check it several times throughout the book. I will pause reading (or listening on Audible), close my eyes, and just listen. I try and put myself in Sylvie (or Cassie’s, Eric’s, etc) shoes and feel what they must feel in that moment. It makes the reading experience even more pleasurable, because music speaks to me so deeply. Since I was a child I have used music and reading as a way to escape. Blending the two in this way is much appreciated by this loyal reader of yours!

    • That makes me so happy, Chanda! I love that you listen along and feel it so deeply. That’s how I feel about music (and books) as well.

      I listen while I write–it used to distract me, but now I love it. And my poor kids have to hear the same songs over and over when we drive anywhere, until I’ve finished a book, and then it’s on to the next playlist–ha! Well, I do take requests every now and again. 😉

      Thank you for letting me know you enjoy it. I love to make my playlists but knowing you like it makes it even better! ❤

  2. I found your blog after reading mordacious and this soundtrack idea made me go back and read the book a second time i added on a loop playlist for those scenes the songs perfectly fit into. I love the emotional journey you take your readers on. It is easily relatable. The clever and witty writing between the emotional scenes are perfect. The humor is spot on. Thank you for this book and i look forward to the next one ♡♡☆☆

    • Hi Yulissa,

      I love that you went back and re-read (that’s always the best compliment) and I LOVE that you made a playlist. ❤

      Thank you so much for all your nice words. I enjoy those emotional journeys, and I so appreciate you coming along on them with me–and there's nothing I like more than making people laugh. 🙂
      Thank YOU for writing. It makes my day!


  3. A song suggestion? Bright whites by kishi bashi. I have millions of songs floating in my brain but I feel like this one just kind of goes with the world you’ve created(that I can’t get enough of). Hope you like it!

    • Hi Rachael,

      I just listened, and I now LOVE that song! Seriously.
      I think you must know (or have) my taste in music. 🙂 I see he was a touring member of Of Montreal, who I like, but I’d never heard of him. Downloading more now! I love new music suggestions. ❤

      Thank you!

  4. Hi Sarah! I have to say that you are a superb author and I’ve loved your work. I have no clue why I never visited your website before now…shame on me. I also love that you associate music.. I do the same! When I read Mordacious I associated the book and Syls with a couple songs from my past.. and listened. May not be your style… and they “age” me… lol 1993/94 The Judybats-Incredible bittersweet and What we lose. Thanks giving me books that I love; written so well. Renee

    • Thank you, Renee, for visiting and for letting me know you’ve enjoyed the books!
      I’ve heard of The Judybats but never heard their music–thanks for sharing it with me! And I love that you do the same with music as I do. Music gives everything so much more emotion.

      Also, I turned twenty in 1994, so I’m no spring chicken over here. *sigh* 😉

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