AND AFTER-The Soundtrack

I’m inspired by music, and And After was no exception. There are songs that are mentioned in the book, but there are also songs that go along with (or inspired) scenes and/or chapters. As I mentioned in a previous post, I do a lot of writing in my head while listening to music.

I love all of these songs, but if you’re only going to listen to one, scroll to the end. It’s the song of the final chapter, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Do it now.

And, once again, the artists I’ve compiled here have never heard of me, don’t care about me and might be horrified if they knew. But I love them anyway.

So here they are, with cryptic descriptions to avoid spoilers:

You’ll know where this one belongs:

In the woods:

After the woods:


A tent in Quebec:

Oh, just stuff that happens later. Like with the tent in Quebec. Yes, I know this makes no sense:

“The perfect song for our lives.”

The school bus. A dirt road:

This is the one. The last chapter. LISTEN TO IT. Loud. It’ll be worth any ear damage you sustain. Promise.

So, there it is. The soundtrack.


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