UTEOTW–The Soundtrack

I don’t listen to music while I write on the computer (too distracting), but I think I probably do half of my writing in my head. I hear the characters talking and make little adjustments. I watch them move and tell them to back up and try it all again. I do a lot of this in the car, where I listen to music constantly. And where, I just realized, I watch pretend people doing things in my head–don’t you want to be on the road with me?

A lot of Until the End of the World  was “written” while listening to certain songs. Some went with a specific scene and some are general mood, but they all played as a background while Cassie and friends tried to figure out how to survive.

By giving you this list I have completely outed myself as someone who used to be cool, until she had kids in 2006 and stopped paying attention to new music. I am trying to catch up, at least a little. If you have a good indie rock band (or any other band) to recommend, I’d love to hear it in the comments.

And, of course, the artists I’ve compiled here have never heard of me, don’t care about me and might be horrified if they knew. But I love them anyway.

This last one, “Elephant Gun,”  is the epilogue. I think the epilogue would have been very different without this song. It’s absolutely gorgeous- the music, the vocals, the lyrics. Sigh. Makes me want to dance on a dirt road.


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